Candidate distributor

Target: Hospital, Day care centers, Hospice, Military Hospitals.

Time to market: The product has been marketed in Europe and the United States and has all the necessary healthcare authorizations

Target goals: Distribution Agreement, Joint Venture

Necessary requirements

Already operate in the Market and/or Market segment for the Technology(ies) to be incorporated in the Products(s) distributed.


 No major conflict of interest in the distribution of Products incorporating the Technology(ies)(provided, however, that the distribution of other medical devices shall not, in and of itself, be a disqualifying factor).


 Possess expertise and know-how in therapeutic medical devices  or in similar Markets and/or Segments.


 Have sufficient organizational and economic capabilities  to actively sell Products incorporating the Technology(ies) throughout the assigned Market.


 Ability to set up a formation and national support center for the correct methodology and a good ST clinical practice.


 Ability to carry out the presentation procedures (in the locally adopted form) in the national systems for treatment cost exemption for ill patients.





U.S. DIS&L Division