Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

 How Scrambler Therapy® changes pain therapy
ST has been studies and tested successfully in types of chronic pain that were previously considered untreatable, or poorly responsive to strong drugs mix. At the current state of our knowledge, the treatment apart from not producing undesired effects, it is also more economically convenient compared to other solutions and produces better results in patients. ST has also modified chronic pain theory models, since it is the first pain device to use a model capable of going beyond the more than 50 year old Gate Control Theory, previous scientific reference standard for other therapies.

Is it invasive, are there side-effects?
It is a non-invasive methodology, that at the current state of knowledge used correctly does not have side-effects or undesired effects. It is very simple and uses disposable surface electrodes.

What are the expectations?
There are various protocols according to different types of pain treated. In chronic benign pain caused by cures, such as for example CIPN, a treatment cycle is enough for a long period of wellbeing. In oncologic pain due to the presence of metastasis, after the initial treatment cycle further treatments should be carried out whenever pain re-emerges.

Can it work with acute pain?
Yes, but in this case it works simply as a symptomatic therapy. This means that it must be used every time pain occurs, until the normal healing process solves the cause that generated it.

How is the device used?
Scrambler Therapy® is a stand -alone medical electroanalgesia device, and does not require combinations with other analgesic therapies.

Why the name Scrambler Therapy®?
Scrambler techniques were first used for military reasons. A Scrambler is a device capable of transforming a piece of original information into another type of information, no longer recognizable. Since the scientific research that led to this technology is based on the active principle of replacing information of pain into “non-pain”, the inventor thought the name “Scrambler Therapy” was the most appropriate one.

Scrambler Therapy scientific and clinical research is currently available in just one medical device labeled Scrambler Therapy® Technology MC-5A.  On May 22, 2015 the FDA authorized the marketing of the Scrambler Therapy® Technology MC-5A device (Clearance: # K142666 for Delta International Services & Logistics). This medical device has been developed in Italy (International Patent) for the treatment of chronic neuropathic and oncologic pain resistant to opiates and other types of treatment, replacing the previous old version, known in the US as the Calmare® device.



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