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Scrambler Therapy®


Scrambler Therapy® Technology MC-5A

FDA 510(k) Clearance: K142666

CE Certified: #CE 0470


DIS&L is an agency created for the international development of Scrambler Therapy® Technology MC-5A, a medical device for the treatment of chronic neuropathic and oncologic pain  resistant to opiates and other types of treatment, including implanted devices.  Scrambler Therapy® Technology MC-5A is a medical device based on Scrambler Therapy scientific research and OEM technology.  For further information visit:  Scrambler Therapy official scientific and clinical information site.

DIS&L  selects medical device distributors in all international area.

DIS&L through its law firm is authorized to sign international exclusive agreements, provide maintenance and distributor support for method usage training and other logistics needs. To request a national exclusive agreement the candidate distributor must have minimum requirements listed on the “Distributor Requirement” page.




Scrambler Therapy®  Technology in U.S.

Scrambler Therapy official scientific and clinical information site


Only one trade-mark worldwide

Scrambler Therapy scientific and clinical research is currently available in just one medical device labeled MC-5A. Local distributers in the world have  given this same device different names such as “Calmare” and “Pain Stopper”. Different names are not appropriate for the real nature of the medical device, furthermore it created a lot of confusion, and has given an ill-fit international image. For this reason, DIS&L has asked all its distributors to comply to use only one identification  brand name for the medical devices (“Scrambler Therapy® Technology”) followed by  the device's specific ID  (currently MC-5A). Further devices that in the future will be marketed as  upgrades, or specific changes for pediatric or military usage, will follow the same identification rules, keeping the same family name associated to the specific model ID.